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Useful Links, Softwares and Documents 

HamShack.ca - A new Canadian great alternative to on-site ham radio swap and shops.

ISS - Heavens Above -  International Space Station - predictions for your area

ISS Fan Club

Digital Programs (inc. Fldigi) 

Basics on how to solder

Industry Canada (Amateur Radio Related)

How to measure RF power O/P using a scope

Thinking of starting a new project? Check out ON4AA's web site first.

Vancouver Island Radio Trunk Site

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)

DX Lab Suite Software

AMSAT - Operational OSCA Satellites Status Summary

NOAA Radio Users

DX Zone

Afreet Software, Inc -VE3NEA

RTL-SDR.com - News on SDR and projects 

WebSDR Receivers - PA3FWM

WB5RVZ Software Defined Radio Homepage

The Weaksignals pages of Alberto I2PHD - Includes a simple Software Defined Radio program


Ten-Ten Organization

IRLP Node List @ irlp.net

BC HF Swap Net

Amateur Radio 101 Science

Present Solar and Propagation Conditions

BCDXC British Columbia DX Club

Ohm's Law - Calculator and Formulas

Transmission Line calculator

RF Inductance Calculator

K3PGP Experimenters Corner ( Visual Softwares )

SSTV Programs

Ham radio HF digital modes software information and list ( Hamuniverse.com).


Canadian Dealers

North Island Communications

Alfa Radio Ltd.

NTF Communications Inc.


Burnaby Radio Communications Ltd.

Maple Leaf Communications

ICOM Canada

 Low frequency related links

latest news on MF - 472kHz.org

Sub 9kHz Amateur Radio Activity (Dreamers Band)

The World of LF and MF

Ik2PII - 136 - 137 kHz Equipment

Software - I2PHD - The Weak Signals pages of Alberto

Amrad Low Frequency Web Page - What is LF

Using absurdly low-speed CW for "communications" 

Software - ON7YD's Amateur Radio Web site for LF

Radio waves < 22 kHz - IK1UFK - Exploring ULF-ELF and VLF radio band

The VE7SL Radio Notebook