Useful Links, Softwares and Documents

Basics on how to solder

Industry Canada (Amateur Radio Related)

How to measure RF power O/P using a scope

Thinking of starting a new project? Check out ON4AA's web site first.

Vancouver Island Radio Trunk Site

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)

DX Lab Suite Software

AMSAT - Operational OSCA Satellites Status Summary

NOAA Radio Users

DX Zone

Afreet Software, Inc -VE3NEA

WebSDR - Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker, UK (now a working museum)

The Weaksignals pages of Alberto I2PHD - Software Defined Radio programs

WebSDR Receivers (19) PA3FWM (includes 1 in Vancouver)

WebSDR Experimental, located at PA3FWM's QTH


Ten-Ten Organization

IRLP Node List @

BC HF Swap Net

Amateur Radio 101 Science

Present Solar and Propagation Conditions

Canadian Amateur Radio Web Portal

BCDXC British Columbia DX Club

Ohm's Law - Calculator and Formulas

Transmission Line Calculator

RF Inductance Calculator

K3PGP Experimenters Corner ( Visual Softwares )

SSTV Programs

Canadian Dealers

North Island Communications

Alfa Radio Ltd.

Bytown Marine Limited

Radiocraft Technologies

NTF Communications Inc.

Spantek Radio Ltd.


Durham Radio

Burnaby Radio Communications Ltd.

NTF Communications Inc.

Maple Leaf Communications

ICOM Canada


Low frequency related links

A Short Antenna Tuner

Sub 9kHz Amateur Radio Activity (Dreamers Band)

Latest Propagation Report (for today) Melia G3NYK

The World of LF & MF

Ik2PII - 136 - 137 kHz Equipment

Software - I2PHD - The Weak Signals pages of Alberto

Amrad Low Frequency Web Page - What is LF

QRSS and you - absurdly low-speed CW for "communications"

Software - ON7YD's Amateur Radio Web site for LF

Radio waves < 22 kHz - IK1UFK - Exploring ULF-ELF and VLF radio band

The VE7SL Radio Notebook

VE7TIL LF & VLF (realtime grabbers)