Amateur Radio Training and Licencing Information (updated February 27, 2018) 


CRARS from time to time runs courses for the Basic Certificate. Please contact Frank Wallace at 250-285-2297 or email him at for general information on obtaining an Amateur Radio Certificate and upcoming courses.     

Qualified Amateur Radio operators have widespread privileges in the use of the radio spectrum,  so the material to be studied is quite technical and cover the regulations (25%), basic electrical and electronic theory and components, theory and layout of transmitter & receivers, radio wave propagation, antenna types, safety precautions and operating procedures.

The Basic exam is a 100 question multiple choice, pass mark is 70% for VHF privileges but 80%  (Basic+) permits use of all the amateur bands.
A basic training workbook, Hamwork 2, is available in PDF format and can be downloaded to view HERE .  There are two separate cover sheets with front cover  HERE and back cover  HERE . The cover sheets are intended to slip into the front and back outside transparent pockets of a three-ring binder.

Hamwork 2 can be used as a stand-alone study guide but is designed to be used with the free Windows computer program ExHaminer which sets test questions and practice exams. It can be run on a Mac with the additional program, Winebottler.  It should be run from a hard drive or flash drive so it  records  your progress.   It is a reliable guide to tell you when you are ready for the real exam which must be set by a qualified examiner. Another useful program is Hampuzzle on the ExHaminer download page.

Listing of other available ham radio training courses in Canada can be found on the RAC web site HERE.

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