Our frequency = 146.55 simplex    IRLP sites are called NODES, our node number = 1747
How to use our Site - you need a radio with DTMF tone capability.

1- tune your radio to 146.55 simplex and listen for any activity 2- if there is no activity, press the PTT button (depending on the noise level in your area you may not hear anything, it is not a repeater so you will not hear any acknowledgement if you release the PTT) 3- it is a courtesy to announce your intentions (someone either locally or connected remotely to the site may be listening) 4- a suggested announcement format is "this is VE0XXX (your call sign) accessing IRLP" 5- wait a second then press the DTMF tone characters for the node you wish to access (ie: Vancouver is 1000, Brisbane Australia is 5723, Palmer Station Antarctica is 8838, there is a list of all the nodes in the world at the official IRLP Web Site. Nodes specifically in Canada listed at this site as well. 6- you will hear an announcement for either a successful connection or a problem 7- if you get a successful connection announce your interest (ie: this is VE0XXX calling anyone at XXX (the node site) 8- after completing your QSO press DTMF tone 73 to drop the node connection 9- when you leave the node and close the connection you will hear an announcement that you have closed the node 10-typical announcements are "welcome to xxxx, node yyyy ON" and "goodbye node OFF" 11-if you are able to access another IRLP site such as Comox 146.91, and call our node (1747) you will hear our announcements which are a little more "jazzy".